Moving to Work

Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) is one of thirty-four Moving to Work (MTW) Agencies. Moving to Work (MTW) allows CHA to design and test innovative, strategies and use Federal dollars more efficiently with a focus on self-sufficiency and increased housing choices for low-income families. The MTW program flexibility allows CHA to take a progressive approach in the development of locally based solutions to the issues surrounding low-income housing.

Using MTW flexibility, CHA is better able to tailor programs to best meet the specific needs of its community. This community-focused approach allows CHA to develop and implement fresh solutions and focuses on three statutory objectives:

  1. To reduce cost and achieve greater cost effectiveness in federal expenditures;
  2. To give incentives to families with children whose heads of household are either working, seeking work, or participating in job training, educational or other programs that assist in obtaining employment and becoming economically self sufficient; and
  3. To increase housing choices for low income families.

CHA’s MTW Agreement includes a thorough cataloging of the program. In addition to the regulatory and programmatic flexibility authorized, CHA's Agreement permits the agency to combine its federal operating subsidies for the public housing and voucher programs together with its annual capital grant into one, "MTW block grant".

CHA’s capital initiatives, made possible with MTW flexibility, have preserved and added affordable units in one of the most expensive housing markets in the country. The MTW program allows CHA to better invest in its families and housing stock, transforming public housing and providing enhanced support to almost 10% of the population.