Domestic Violence Resources

Cambridge Police Department: Domestic violence resources, including who to call if you are facing domestic violence, information on how to obtain a restraining order and details on what to expect if a person experiencing domestic violence chooses to involve Cambridge Police.

Transition House: Transition House is Cambridge’s domestic violence agency, providing emergency shelter, transitional and supported housing and youth prevention education.

In August 2013, CHA partnered with Transition House to form Pathways to Permanent Housing, which provides supported housing opportunities for individuals who are eligible for subsidized housing as a result of fleeing domestic violence. In addition to the Pathways collaboration, Transition House supports CHA residents, program participants and applicants through its Community Liaison. The Liaison works with CHA tenants fleeing domestic violence and provides safety planning, legal advocacy, referrals and assistance with housing-related issues and with navigating CHA’s application process as a person fleeing domestic violence.

To contact the Community Liaison, call 857-998-9625 or email cambridgecommunityliaison@gmail.com; any contact or correspondence with the liaison in kept confidential.