Admissions & Continued Occupancy Policy

CHA’S Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP) is the document that sets forth policies for admission to and occupancy in the Federal Public Housing properties that CHA owns and operates. It is intended to provide residents, staff, advocates and the public with information related to the overall administration of the program.  The Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP) covers areas of operation including:

  • General Provisions of the Program
  • Definitions of Program Terms
  • Admission to the Program (Waitlist, Preferences, Application and Eligibility)
  • Tenant Selection and Assignment to Housing Units
  • Determination of Income, Establishment of Rent & Payment Standards
  • Responsibilities of each party (families, and CHA) for Continued Occupancy
  • Policies regarding Recertification, Leasing, and Inspection Standards and transfers
  • CHA’s Community Service Policy
  • Participant Provisions regarding review and/or appeal of CHA decisions in accordance to Policy


Please click here to view CHA rent schedules referenced in the ACOP.